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Approximately 66 million Pakistanis live in poverty and 12 million children are out of school. One in 11 children die before their fifth birthday and 12,000 women die in childbirth every year. The population is set to rise by 50% in less than 40 years. UK development spend in Pakistan is an investment in a more prosperous, more stable country which will not only help millions of poor Pakistanis, but will also improve stability and security in the region, and beyond.

Top priorities

  • creating jobs and supporting economic growth
  • increasing access to and quality of education
  • women and children’s health
  • strengthening democracy and governance
  • building peace and stability

Further resources

DFID Operational Plan for Pakistan

Pakistan page on GOV.UK website

Key Info

  • Total Project Budget for 2014/2015 More information about the total project budget £273,553,569
  • % of DFID budget 3.51%
  • Active Projects 31
  • Population (source: UN): 173.15 million
  • % living below $1.25 per day (source: World Bank): 21.0%
  • Fertility rate (source: UN): 3.65
  • GDP growth rate (source: World Bank): 6.07%
Sector groups as a percentage of country budget More information about the sector groups
  • Education
  • Health
  • Disaster
  • Government
  • Social
  • Other
Project budget total by year More information about project funding