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As part of the global review of all DFID bilateral programmes, it was decided that from 2012, DFID will focus exclusively on of Burundi’s integration into the East African Community (EAC). We believe this is the single most important factor in the country’s medium-term growth. While the bilateral programme will be phased out, DFID remains strongly committed to making EAC integration in Burundi a real success. Our support will be channelled through the newly established Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) office in Burundi, which will help the Government of Burundi implement changes required by regional integration; support the creation of an independent and effective Revenue Authority; improve transport and trade; and building the capacity of civil society and the private sector to adapt to regional integration. TMEA is an institution created by DFID to manage support to EAC integration in each of the five EAC countries.

Operational Plan

Burundi Operational Plan
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