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Country FlagEthiopia


Ethiopia is populous and poor, with low per capita domestic, donor and other resources. The government’s commitment to poverty reduction, economic growth and strengthening financial management is strong. There have been marked improvements in poverty reduction and progress on most economic and social rights is on a broadly positive trend, with the government taking steps to address some persisting inequalities, including on gender. Concerns remain about limitations on other, primarily civil and political, rights. As the government enters its next 5 year planning period, there are important opportunities to: increase economic transformation; improve quality and equality in service delivery; improve good governance; enhance the position of women and girls; and further build resilience to external shocks.

Top priorities

  • support for economic development and an increased role for the private sector
  • advance gender equality and empowerment of women and girls
  • boost Ethiopia’s tax collection capability and the accountability of its democratic institutions
  • build resilience to avoid future humanitarian crises in Ethiopia and enable it to respond better

Further resources

Ethiopia Operational Plan
Ethiopia page on GOV.UK website

Key Info

  • Project budget approved for 2017/2018 More information about the total project budget £284,528,694
  • Project budget as % of DFID budget More information about the total project budget 3.89%
  • Active Projects 21
  • Population (2015, source World Bank): 99.39 million
  • % living below $1.90 per day (2010, source World Bank): 33.54%
  • Fertility rate (2014, source World Bank): 4.39
  • GDP growth rate (2015, source World Bank): 9.61%
Sector groups as a percentage of country budget More information about the sector groups
Project budget total by year More information about project funding
Budgets approved at a project level to date. This may be different from the overall operational plan budget for Ethiopia.