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UK aid from the British people

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DFID’s partnership with India is in transition. As part of the new development relationship DFID stopped approving new financial grant aid in 2012. However, DFID will honour commitments to existing projects, all of which will finish in 2015. After 2015 DFID’s partnership will focus on sharing skills and expertise and making private sector investments which will help the poorest people and generate returns; and strengthening partnership on global development issues such as food security and climate change.

Top priorities

  • catalyse the private sector’s potential to combat poverty in the 8 poorest states using technical assistance and returnable capital mechanism
  • deepen the UK’s engagement with India on global development issues
  • improve the lives of over 10 million poor women and girls in 3 of the poorest states to help them access quality schooling, healthcare, nutrition and jobs

Further resources

DFID Operational Plan for India
India page on GOV.UK website

Key Info

  • Project budget approved for 2017/2018 More information about the total project budget £47,195,338
  • Project budget as % of DFID budget More information about the total project budget 0.65%
  • Active Projects 18
  • Population (2015, source World Bank): 1311.05 million
  • % living below $1.90 per day (2011, source World Bank): 21.23%
  • Fertility rate (2014, source World Bank): 2.43
  • GDP growth rate (2015, source World Bank): 7.56%
Sector groups as a percentage of country budget More information about the sector groups
Project budget total by year More information about project funding
Budgets approved at a project level to date. This may be different from the overall operational plan budget for India.