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Support to emergency in Iraq [GB-1-205094]

Budget: £165,000,000 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

This programme will provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in Iraq by (1) Responding to the needs of extremely vulnerable people including women and girls and (2) Supporting improvements in the UN humanitarian system. The programme will deliver life-saving assistance through: Flexible responses to sudden-onset emergencies through the Humanitarian Pooled Fund; and Assistance to protracted IDP caseloads through cash grants and improved access to public welfare. The programme will also fund research aimed at enabling a shift from humanitarian aid in-kind to cash grants. Support will also strengthen the humanitarian response such as the development of Government contingency coordination centres, improving safety and access reporting for NGOs and strengthening the UN response. The programme will contribute towards DFID Strategic Development Plan objectives 1 (strengthening global peace, security and governance) and 2 (strengthening resilience and response to crisis).

Conflict Stability and Security Fund - Iraq Stabilisation and Resilience [GB-GOV-1-300045]

Budget: £15,498,583 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

To respond to the needs of communities in areas reclaimed from Daesh, and improve the capacity of the Iraqi government to implement recovery and stabilisation activities to ensure displaced communities can return to their homes safely. This will be achieved by restoring access to basic services (water, health, electricity, education) in liberated areas, and improving livelihoods of communities affected by conflict through cash for work programmes, small business grants and vocational training. This programme will improve governance through facilitating a dialogue between local government and communities, and provide technical assistance that will enable the international community to better target stabilisation activities and assistance. It will also improve understanding of drivers of migration within Iraq and from Iraq to Europe through research. It will also ensure third party monitoring to programmes to improve performance and reduce the risk of misuse of funds.

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