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Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters [GB-1-202921]

Budget: £140,149,988 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

To help up to 10 million people, especially women and children, in developing countries cope with extreme climate and weather events such as droughts, cyclones and floods (climate extremes). This will be achieved by doing three things. By making grants to civil society organisations to scale up proven technologies and practices in the Sahel, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that help people withstand, and more quickly recover, from climate extremes. By identifying the best ways of doing this, and share this knowledge globally to increase the programme’s overall impact. By supporting national governments to strengthen their policies and actions to respond to climate extremes. These will all contribute to the Millennium Development Goals on the eradication poverty and hunger, and environmental sustainability, and also respond to the Humanitarian and Emergency Response Review recommendation that DFID should integrate the threat from climate change into a Disaster Risk Reduction.

Strategic Alliance on Conflict Prevention and Development in the Sahel (CSSF) [GB-1-205072]

Budget: £1,843,754 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

To assist the vulnerable region of West Africa to manage ongoing conflicts through the Conflict Security and Stability Fund. The projects will increase the capacity of local communities in Mali to manage conflicts peacefully; support the EU Delegation in Mali with conflict advice, and strengthen coordination, inclusivity and accountability of security services delivery through improved security forces-communities cooperation.

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