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UK aid from the British people

Country FlagMalawi

Results reported between 2011/12 - 2015/16

Wealth Creation

  • Number of people with access to financial services as a result of DFID support40,000

Poverty, Vulnerability, Nutrition and Hunger

  • Number of children under five and pregnant women reached through DFID's nutrition-relevant programmes280,000


  • Number of children supported by DFID in primary and lower secondary education500,000
  • Number of children completing primary education supported by DFID50,000

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Number of unique people reached with one or more water, sanitation or hygiene promotion intervention720,000
  • Number of people with sustainable access to clean drinking water sources through DFID support530,000
  • Number of people with sustainable access to an improved sanitation facility through DFID support730,000
  • Number of people with access to improved hygiene through DFID support to hygiene promotion720,000

Humanitarian and Emergency

  • Number of people reached with emergency food assistance through DFID support650,000

Governance and Security

  • Number of people who vote in elections supported by DFID5,280,000
  • Number of people supported to have choice and control over their own development and to hold decision makers to account370,000
  • Number of women and girls with improved access to security and justice services through DFID support400,000

Climate Change

  • Number of people supported by DFID funding to cope with the effects of climate change360,000
  • Number of people with improved access to clean energy as a result of DFID funding110,000


  • Number of births delivered with the help of nurses, midwives or doctors through DFID support60,000
  • Number of additional women using modern methods of family planning through DFID support640,000