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GGF II: The Good Governance Fund - Collaboration with International Financial Institutions and other Partners (II) [GB-GOV-1-300251]

Budget: £14,000,000 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

Through International Financial Institutions and other multilateral organisations, the Good Governance Fund will support a series of governance and economic reform initiatives, aimed at building stability, reducing poverty and increasing prosperity in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The support will focus on areas such as: anti-corruption; improving the business environment; judicial reform; key sector reforms (e.g. banking and energy); strengthening the rule of law; and supporting an independent media. This project was approved before the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. Work is now under way to understand the implications of leaving the EU for the UK’s development work.

Improving Investment Climate Project in Serbia [GB-GOV-1-300494]

Budget: £2,928,000 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve the business environment in Serbia by reducing administrative burden, introducing online issuance of licenses/permits and improving the quality of new regulations to reduce future burdens and encourage market competition. This will result in a 25% reduction in the number of days required to comply with business regulation, a 15% reduction in the average cost of compliance with business regulation and up to 10,000 Serbian firms benefitting from reformed licensing requirements.

Improving Transparency and Information Availability (Open Data) in Serbia [GB-GOV-1-300470]

Budget: £243,000 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

To support the development of an open data ecosystem in Serbia by improving the supply of and demand for better quality, reliable and accessible information that will contribute to the implementation of Serbia’s E-Government Development Strategy and its Public Administration Reform Strateg. This will benefit ordinary citizens and those who represent them from improved delivery of services and the reliability of evidence on the quality and equity of data published by Government institutions such as State-owned enterprises and the Serbian Ministry of Finance. Supporting open data improvement will help to move Serbia towards European and Global best practice in governance and ultimately, generate improved economic growth.

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