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UK aid from the British people



Ukraine’s stability is an important priority for the UK. The UK Government is providing technical assistance to support Ukraine, including help with economic and political stabilisation. UK assistance will form part of a much wider international effort to support Ukraine, involving the EU, IMF, World Bank, EBRD, UN and others.

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Implementing Partners (Beta) British Council (1) ¦ International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (3) ¦ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1) ¦ International Organization for Migration (IOM) (2) ¦ United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (2) ¦ Crown Agents Limited (2) ¦ United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (3) ¦ European Investment Bank (2) ¦ International Committee of the Red Cross (2) ¦ Palladium International Ltd (UK) (2) ¦ Danish Refugee Council (2) ¦ People In Need (2) ¦ United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (2) ¦

Sectors groups as a percentage of country budgets according to the Development Assistance Committee's classifications.


Project budget total by year approved at the project level to date.