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Asylum Support for refugees and Asylum seekers unable to return back to their country for fear of persecution.

Reporting Organisation: UK - Home Office Project Identifier: GB-GOV-6-02 Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £556,940,000

The Home Office Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget provides support to asylum seekers while their claims for refugee status are being processed and provide support to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASCs). ODA funding helps pay for food, shelter, travel and training for up to 12 months for people that are unable to live in their own country for fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or other factors such as sexual orientation. This is an important complement to critical humanitarian support delivered overseas.

Resettlement - Syrian Vulnerable People Relocation Scheme

Reporting Organisation: UK - Home Office Project Identifier: GB-GOV-6-06 Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £197,396,668

The commitment to resettle 20,000 refugees from Syria by 2020 was made by the Government in September 2015. Funding enables authorities to provide refugees who have fled conflict and persecution with a safe environment and the chance to rebuild their lives. The Home Office Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget pays for two resettlement schemes: The Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (SVPRS) and the Vulnerable Children Resettlement Scheme (VCRS). Home Office ODA funding pays for food, shelter and training for up to 12 months.

Hunter and Chaucer capability building projects

Reporting Organisation: UK - Home Office Project Identifier: GB-GOV-6-05 Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £43,935,000

Project Hunter is aimed at developing targeting and profiling capabilities that will allow ODA countries to form robust intelligence and targeting strategies. Project Chaucer (in West Africa only) looks to create highly-skilled multi-agency local teams capable of deterring the use of individuals and freight to smuggle drugs or other harmful commodities within developing countries by criminal gangs. Hunter/Chaucer projects and activities are based in three main geographical areas the Americas, Africa and EurAsia and have officers embedded in various locations around the world working with local law enforcement agencies and key stakeholders.

The Fund to End Violence Against Children (EVAC Fund)

Reporting Organisation: UK - Home Office Project Identifier: GB-GOV-6-03 Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £30,000,000

The UK Home Office recognises the moral and operational imperative to support the global fight against online child sexual exploitation (CSE). As such, the Home Office has committed £40 million towards the UNICEF hosted End Violence Against Children Fund (EVAC) to support activities intending to build international capacity to tackle online CSE. The EVAC's strategy for supporting international action aligned to the WePROTECT Global Alliance's (WPGA) strategy for national action. The WePROTECT Global Alliance combines expertise from industry, law enforcement, government and civil society to determine the capabilities required at country level to effectively respond to the threat of online CSE. Projects funded by the EVAC fund must demonstrate how they support the implementation of the WPGA's Model National Response.

Working to prevent modern slavery across borders

Reporting Organisation: UK - Home Office Project Identifier: GB-GOV-6-01 Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £11,045,000

The Modern Slavery Fund is the Home Office’s £33.5m official development assistance (ODA) fund to support the UK’s goal of reducing the prevalence of modern slavery in countries from which the UK sees a high number of victims. This activity started in 2016/17 and will end in 2020/21. The fund actively contributes to achieving the UN sustainable development goal target 8.7 which calls for “immediate and effective measures to eradicate modern slavery” by 2030. The fund forms part of a UK government commitment to spend £200m of ODA on tackling modern slavery. As part of the Home Office Modern Slavery Fund we are investing £3m in Vietnam, £5m in Nigeria and £2m in Albania. The Modern Slavery Fund also includes an £11m Innovation Fund, which builds the evidence base by supporting projects taking innovative approaches to tackling modern slavery.

Immigration Enforcement International (Building ODA countries capability)

Reporting Organisation: UK - Home Office Project Identifier: GB-GOV-6-04 Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £5,652,000

A programme of law enforcement capacity building activity benefiting ODA countries, which includes technical training and the provision of capability enhancing equipment and supports improved border capacity. More broadly Immigration Enforcement International's (IEI) work in this area promotes improved security system management and reform, including through projects designed to tackle the corruption that both enables irregular/illegal migration and adversely impacts development. Delivered through 27 ODA funded staff based across Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa, South and South East Asia and the Middle East.

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