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Global Trade

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-11-GTP Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £150,000,000

The programme will provide technical assistance and support to facilitate free trade and open markets for key Middle Income Countries (MICs), enabling greater investment and interaction with global value chains to create jobs and prosperity, and help reduce poverty. The programme’s budget will be implemented across three main activity strands. Management Services (research and analysis across multiple regions and countries), Advisory Services (including design and development of sub programmes) and Delivery Services (delivery of interventions that have been scoped and contracted from the Management and Advisory Services). This programme will help to meet one of the four strategic objectives of the UK Aid strategy 2015: to use ODA to promote economic development and prosperity in the developing world. This will contribute to the reduction of poverty and strengthen trade and investment opportunities globally – including, as a secondary benefit, for the UK.

UK-INDIA Partnership on National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF)

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-16-GGEF Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £120,000,000

The NIIF sub-fund will use UK government finance to catalyse private sector investments from global/UK investors, through the City of London to infrastructure projects in India. To help India address a key constraint to inclusive growth by boosting investment into infrastructure - which will lead to growth, job creation and poverty reduction in India. The fund is fully attributed to climate change mitigation - ie low carbon development, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The fund will primarily invest in sectors like Renewable Energy, Clean Transportation, Water Treatment, and Waste Management. The success of this intervention will lead to follow on private investment that will have a transformational impact on India's economic development.

China Prosperity Fund programme - Phase 1

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-02-CHP Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £85,000,000

Prosperity Fund work in China consists of a portfolio of seven thematic programme areas, separated into three phases. The seven programmes are directly complementary, aligned with China’s key economic priorities and are in areas where the UK has expertise. They are designed to address market failures and weaknesses that impede China’s inclusive economic growth and will help China’s ongoing transition to an inclusive, sustainable and productive economy. The first phase comprises four programmes covering Business Environment, Financial Services, Energy and Low Carbon Economy, and Infrastructure. These programmes are expected to lead to an improved business environment for all firms, a more efficient and inclusive financial system less exposed to significant shocks; China making a quicker transition to a low carbon economy; and increased and more sustainable investment in China and ODA-eligible third markets in higher quality infrastructure projects. As a secondary benefit, the programmes will also produce commercial benefits for international companies, including UK businesses, through an improved business environment in China for firms and investors, as well as through additional trade and investment opportunities in these sectors, where the UK has competitive advantages.

Better Health programme

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-20-BHP Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £79,300,000

The programme aims are to increase life expectancy, improve productivity and deliver economic growth in the partner countries set out above. To achieve this high level impact it has two overarching health goals: • To tackle the issue of premature death and illness due to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and heart disease, which account for 74% of premature fatalities in lower and middle income countries (LMICs). • To reduce incidents of premature mortality (e.g. infections contracted in hospitals) by improving health care outcomes. Meeting these objectives will help advance economic development in the partner countries but will also create opportunities for international and UK businesses as a secondary benefit. It also helps advance our National Security Strategy and UK Aid Strategy objectives.


Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-15-MEX Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £60,000,000

This programme’s primary purpose is to overcome constraints to economic development in Mexico to help build long-term inclusive growth and lift people out of poverty. As a secondary benefit, it is also aims to produce greater opportunities for global trade and investment, including between Mexico and the UK. The programme will help increase productivity, including through technology and innovation (e.g. digital financial services), skills development and stronger regulation. It will strengthen the economy and expand markets in Mexico with a focus on four strategic strands of activity: Energy, Future Cities, Financial Services and Anti-corruption & Rule of Law. The programme will be delivered by working with the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, to achieve both primary and secondary benefits, as set out above.

Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms for the Cross-government Prosperity Fund

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF MREL Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £55,000,000

These services provide specialist monitoring, reporting, evaluation and learning provisions to Prosperity Fund programmes, they also enable effective portfolio management at Fund level. We use these systems to help drive value for money, learning and effective delivery of the Fund's objective.

Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-05-AIIB Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £36,000,000

Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank

Global Business Environment

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-08-GBE Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £30,000,000

This programme aims to improve the business environment in middle-income economies by stimulating growth and creating jobs, helping to lift people out of poverty. It is worth £30 million over 4 years, and aims to support reforms that improve the business environment in a range of middle-income countries. It also aims to unlock inclusive growth for women, who can be disproportionately affected by a poor business environment. The programme will provide technical assistance to national governments and sub-national authorities to support their reform programmes by improving capacity in areas like investment promotion and fostering competition. Middle income countries are widely recognised as engines of global growth. However weak institutions and inadequate regulations often constrain growth and exacerbate challenges such as low productivity levels. Global growth improves opportunities for international business, including UK companies, to contribute to and benefit from economic growth in other countries.

Centre for Global Disaster Protection (CGDP)

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-10-CDGP Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £30,000,000

To protect poor and vulnerable people, save lives and help developing countries to get back on their feet more quickly after a disaster by working with governments to strengthen planning, embed early action, and use “risk financing” tools like insurance and contingent credit to finance more cost-effective, rapid and reliable response to emergencies. It aims to empower governments to build resilience to natural disasters and climate change, and take ownership of their risks, with more assistance delivered through pre-financed government-led systems. Funded by the UK Government Prosperity Fund.

Global Finance Programme

Reporting Organisation: Cross-government Prosperity Fund Project Identifier: GB-GOV-50-PF-23-GLFIN Activity Status: Implementation Budget: £28,700,000

Leverages the UK’s unique position as the world’s leading financial centre to increase access to finance for firms and individuals, promoting shared prosperity through inclusive economic growth overseas, and the development of new markets

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