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Vietnam: Project for Improved Land Governance and Databases (VILG)

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Project Data Last Updated: 01/12/2019

IATI Identifier: 44000-P154387


The development objective of the Improved Land Governance and Database (VILG) Project for Vietnam is to improve the efficiency and transparency of land administration services in the Project Provinces, through the development and implementation of the national Multipurpose Land Information System (MPLIS). The project comprises three components. The first component, strengthening the quality of land service delivery will support (a) modernization and strengthening of local land administration by simplifying standard operating procedures and guidelines and improving business processes to enable the Land Registration Offices (LROs) to provide better quality and more accessible land services, though most of these activities will be financed by the Government using its own budget; (b) training and support for public awareness raising and communication among stakeholders, including implementation of ethnic minority development plans; and (c) establishing and operating a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for land use management. The investments under this component will support quality enhancement of land service delivery by streamlining service procedures and standards, renovating facilities, and enhancing the capacity of personnel working in LROs in project provinces. The component will support unification of business standards and provide LROs with equipment and working facilities at sub-national levels. The second component, establishment and development of the multi-purpose land information system (MPLIS) and land database will provide technical assistance for the development of MPLIS and land database, finance digitization of existing maps and records on land use rights; updating and integration of cadastre data (both cadastre map users and land use information), land price data, land use plan data, and land statistics and inventory to improve the completeness and

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