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Public Financial Management and Accountability in the Democratic Republic of Congo [GB-1-202427]

Department for International Development

To improve the use of public resources to deliver services that benefit the poor and make the Government of Democratic Republic of Congo more accountable by making the national expenditure process more efficient, enhancing external and internal controls on the use of public funds, and supporting three provinces in managing their funds more effectively. This will benefit Democratic Republic of Congo citizens as a whole, and in particular the provinces of Equateur, Kasai Oriental and North Kivu. It will contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals by resulting in a more efficient management of public funds for health, education, and other government expenditure aiming to reduce poverty by the end of 2016

Status - Implementation More information about project status
Funding More information about project funding
Implementing Organisation(s) More information about implementing organisation(s)
  • The World Bank (EFO)
  • UNDP GBP Contributions
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
Sector groups as a percentage of project budget More information about project sector groups
Project budget vs actual spend More information about project budget vs actual spend