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Impact Programme - Investment to fund innovative solutions for development and help develop sustainable investment markets that work for the poor [GB-1-202939]

Department for International Development

DFID is providing £757.3m over 23 years to catalyse the market for impact investment in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, to improve the lives of at least five million poor and low-income people. Impact investments are those which have both a financial and social return by benefitting poor and low-income people through improved access to affordable goods and services and income generating opportunities. The Impact Programme has two components: investments and market building. CDC manages our investments through two funds. The first fund, the Impact Fund, launched in 2013 is a £305m fund of funds. The second fund, launched in 2015, is a £333m fund which makes direct investments into businesses that are highly developmental/transformative. Technical assistance is also being made available to the underlying investees. Our market building work (£30.5 million) complements our investments by providing the market infrastructure required for impact investing to scale.

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  • CDC Group plc
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