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Programme for Democratic Change [GB-1-203454]

Department for International Development

To support citizens in Burma, especially women, to be strongly represented in the political and electoral processes, including the 2015 elections, and that Government is more accountable to its citizens. This will be achieved through support to improve the capacity of the Election Commission at local and national levels including training of 900 poll workers, and training of 50% of the voter registration staff members by March 2015 and 80% by March 2016. DFID will also support the deployment of at least 1000 domestic elections observers for the 2015 elections and fund voter education activities across the country.

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Implementing Organisation(s) More information about implementing organisation(s)
  • House of Commons - Admin
  • International Foundation for Electoral Systems
  • UNDP Myanmar
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • United Nations Development Programme - Brazil
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