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Citizen Security and Justice Programme 3 [GB-1-203643]

Department for International Development

To deliver targeted interventions aimed at improving safety, security and prosperity to 400,000 people in 50 of the most violent communities in Jamaica, over a five year period (2014-2019). The interventions will: (1) increase economic and employment opportunities; (2) improve access to community justice services and alternative dispute resolution methods; (3) strengthen non-violent conflict resolution skills amongst individuals and groups within communities; and (4) improve the Government of Jamaica’s capacity to deliver essential services to vulnerable communities.

Status - Implementation More information about project status
Funding More information about project funding
Implementing Organisation(s) More information about implementing organisation(s)
  • Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI)
  • Fight for Peace International
  • Jamaica National Crime Victimization Survey Grant
  • Violence Prevention Alliance
Sector groups as a percentage of project budget More information about project sector groups
Project budget vs actual spend More information about project budget vs actual spend