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Zambia Accountability Programme [GB-1-203816]

Department for International Development

To improve the quality of citizen representation in Zambia by supporting community radio, election observation and a Parliamentary scorecard. This will enable 3 million Zambians to vote in the 2016 elections. This contributes to our work to improve service delivery and contribute towards attainment of the MDGs.To improve democratic representation in Zambia by providing grants, equipment and technical assistance to Zambian organisations working to deliver change. This will enable 3 million people to vote in the 2016 elections. This contributes towards our MDGs by making politicians more responsive to the needs of 9.7 million poor Zambians, particularly women and girls, and people in rural areas by 2019.To strengthen citizens’ ability to hold their representatives accountable for service delivery by supporting civil society, parliament and elections. This will contribute to MDGs in health and education by allowing citizens to monitor service delivery performance and vote. This will benefit 3 million Zambians and improve their access to services by 2019.

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