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Excluded People's Rights in Bangladesh [GB-1-204195]

Department for International Development

To promote rights and equality for 1.64 million people in Bangladesh who are at the highest risk of being excluded, including poor women and girls, people with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities, ‘Dalits’ (untouchables), children working in vulnerable situations (including modern slavery) and youth. The programme will increasingly focus on social cohesion. The partner supports a network of organisations to defend and enhance poor, minorities and other marginalised people’s rights and enabling them to access to assets, public services (e.g. health, education) and economic opportunities. The programme also works with local level service providers to help them meet their responsibilities and assist communities to monitor their performance. Where opportunities arise, the programme will contribute to the development of policies and laws that uphold the rights of the poor and excluded groups in society.

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  • Manusher Jonno Foundation
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