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UK Department for International Development

Burma Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme

UK aid from the British people

Project Data Last Updated: 02/07/2019

IATI Identifier: GB-1-204196

Partner Projects

Crown Agents Limited

  • Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility The majority of the project budget focuses on the implementation of humanitarian programmes. This involves supporting and management of implementing partners. Broadly, this can be divided into three sections: ongoing large grants to INGOs; new calls for proposals for INGOS; and new calls for proposals for national NGOs. Total Project Budget: £53,549,183 DFID Funding: £38,112,852

Crown Agents Limited

  • Improving Public Financial Management and Accountability, Phase 2 (PFMA-2) PFMA2 will support reforms in government policies, systems and activities to improve PFM and revenue systems, and reduce opportunities for corruption in Government of Nepal (GoN) service delivery sectors that matter most for the poor. It will do this through the delivery of high quality analysis of fiduciary and corruption risks in key sectors in Nepal; support for the development and implementation of tailored sector PFM reform plans and activities; the provision of technical advice and capacity building on fiduciary and corruption risk mitigation and safeguards at the sectoral level; and support for embedded technical assistance and “hands-on” support in sector financial management and revenue administration reforms. PFMA2 builds on some elements of a previous programme (Deepening Public Financial Management and Accountability in Nepal) that supported PFM reforms within specific sectors (such as health, climate change, and peace and justice) and delivered analysis on fiduciary risks across the DFID Nepal portfolio. Total Project Budget: £3,030,512 DFID Funding: £1,408,966

Save the Children UK

  • Lifesaving Humanitarian Assistance The aim of this project is to ensure of the provision of lifesaving humanitarian assistance to children and their families affected by violence in targeted areas of Myanmar. Total Project Budget: £4,298,931 DFID Funding: £4,298,931

Crown Agents Limited

  • Nepal Safer Schools Programme (NSSP) The NSSP will have three main results areas in line with the Comprehensive School Safety Framework:  Output 1: Safer learning facilities, particularly through seismically-resilient retrofitting and rebuilding;  Output 2: School-level disaster management and resilient education; and  Output 3: National-level technical assistance on safer learning facilities. The NSSP will be aligned with and contribute to the Government of Nepal’s School Sector Development Plan (2016-2023) which includes a focus on School Safety and Disaster Risk Reduction, with priorities and targets for upgrading physical infrastructure to be more resilient as well as strengthening disaster risk management in schools and ensuring disaster resilience informs curriculum and teacher training and resources. Total Project Budget: £485,791 DFID Funding: £459,555

Crown Agents Limited

  • Procurement and Public Financial Management (PPFM) Under the National Health Sector Programme 3 (NHSP 3), DFID proposes up to £57,000,000 in health sector support over the period 15 July 2016 to 31 December 2020. Of this, £14,000,000 is earmarked to support the retrofitting of at least two hospitals. To ensure these funds are spent accountably, transparently, deliver good value for money and promote procedural integrity, DFID commissioned Crown Agents to provide oversight of the Government of Nepal’s procurement and public financial management under NHSP 3. Total Project Budget: £1,820,253 DFID Funding: £722,455