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UK Department for International Development

Sustainable Urban Economic Development Programme (SUED)

UK aid from the British people

Project Data Last Updated: 30/12/2019

IATI Identifier: GB-1-204338

Partner Projects

Coffey International Development Limited, a Tetra Tech Company

  • Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) Programme Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) is a £60m, five-year programme (2018 – 2022) aiming to create climate resilient, inclusive urban economic growth in 10 fast growing municipalities in Kenya. This shall be achieved by: - Supporting municipalities to develop sustainable urban economic plans. - Providing capacity building for the municipality, county (if applicable) and the local private sector. - Improve the investment climate and business environment reforms. - Draw in investments for critical climate-resilient infrastructure and value chain projects. - Providing up to £30m in seed funding (to lower the risk of investments). Coffey's current contract value is £50m. £5m of that goes directly to Coffey, up to £30m are foreseen for seedfunding. The rest goes to subcontractors. The M&E firm and IFC hold £10m. DFID therefore refers to it as a £60m programme. The main programme objectives are to: - Create climate resilient jobs and raised incomes. - Strengthen capacity of municipalities to manage the develop projects beyond the project funding. - Support policy and legislative changes to enable greater private sector led growth. - Raise investment for critical bankable, climate-resilient infrastructure and value chain projects. - Improve rural links with larger markets that were previously difficult to access. Total Project Budget: £49,999,999 DFID Funding: £1,888,095