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UK Department for International Development

Business for Shared Prosperity in Burma

UK aid from the British people

Project Data Last Updated: 13/02/2019

IATI Identifier: GB-1-204672

Partner Projects

DAI Europe

  • Burma Enterprise Opportunity Facility The DFID Burma Enterprise Opportunity Facilityis a key component of the larger DFID Business for Shared Prosperity in Burma programme (BSPB). he Facility is a flexible instrument that can identify, catalyse and support a broad variety of private sector development (PSD) interventions congruent with the BSPB’s overall aims in the field of inclusive economic growth. Those aims comprise: • helping provide a sustainable route out of poverty for many people in Burma by increasing incomes and creating jobs; • making it easier for new businesses and entrepreneurs to fairly compete; and • facilitating the participation of women and other previously excluded or disadvantaged groups. The Facility is intended to deliver high-impact interventions in support of enterprise development and inclusive economic growth in Burma, using innovative approaches to address obstacles and constraints in transformational sectors that have the potential to deliver significant and inclusive economic gains. Total Project Budget: £25,000,000 DFID Funding: £8,617,923

DAI Europe

  • Deepening Democracy Programme (DDP) To provide programme management, administration and monitoring support to the Deepening Democracy Programme. Management of the overall programme will entail managing all grantees, partnerships with multilateral and bilateral partners etc. To manage the implementation of both the electoral and non-electoral accountability. Total Project Budget: £28,466,289 DFID Funding: £10,725,617