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UK Department for International Development

Grassroots Empowerment in Tanzania (GET) Programme

UK aid from the British people

Project Data Last Updated: 29/03/2019

IATI Identifier: GB-1-204801


To contribute to the delivery of HMG’s ‘leave no-one behind agenda’ - tackling extreme poverty and helping the world’s most vulnerable. Grassroots Empowerment programme will deliver results on reducing FGM and early marriage, discrimination against people with albinism, securing land rights for women, and supporting disabled people. In order to achieve its purpose, Grassroots Empowerment will: empower communities to become key driving force for inclusive development at the local levels; ensure decision making at local levels better reflects the needs and aspirations of poor and marginalized groups; and it will give voice to the voiceless and tackle harmful traditional practices. It will facilitate local groups implement local solutions to solve common problems and increase their access to public goods.

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Sectors groups as a percentage of country budgets according to the Development Assistance Committee's classifications.


A comparison of forecast spend and the total amount of money spent on the project to date.