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Sustainable Inclusive Livelihoods through Tea Production in Rwanda [GB-1-204941]

Department for International Development

The project purpose is to support job creation and increase incomes by working with smallholder farmers to develop greenfield tea. The Wood Foundation Africa (TWFA) will set up and run a Services Company supporting approximately 6,000 smallholder tea farmers over 3,400 hectares. These farmers will be supported to produce tea for the first time, employing best farming practices. The Services Company will be co-owned by the farmers. This will lead to improved incomes and livelihoods (in particular nutrition and education) for the farmers and their families. Unilever will build a factory and develop a core estate of approximately 817 hectares. The factory will be supplied by the core estate and the smallholder farmers supported by The Wood Foundation Africa

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  • WFT Africa
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