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Disclaimer: The data for this page has been produced from IATI data published by Sense International. Please contact them (Show Email Address) if you have any questions about their data.

Project Data Last Updated: 13/08/2015

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-1076497-GPAF-IMP-009


Title Doc Type Categories
GPAF-IMP-009-Year-1-financial-report Annual report Annual report
Photographs and Beneficiary Story Annual report Annual report
Logframe - May 2011 (PDF 66kb) [en] Budget Results, outcomes and outputs
Impact window proposal form - May 2011 (PDF 331kb) [en] Annual report Objectives / Purpose of activity
Impact budget - November 2011 (PDF 28kb) [en] Results, outcomes and outputs Budget
Supporting-statement-with-photographs Results, outcomes and outputs
DFID-GPAF-IMP-009-SI-Revised-Budget-05-Feb-2013 Annual report Budget
DFID-Revised-Grant-Agreement-Signed-18March2013 Results, outcomes and outputs Summary information about contract
Impact budget - November 2011 (PDF 28kb) Annual report Budget
Impact window proposal form - May 2011 (PDF 331kb) Results, outcomes and outputs Objectives / Purpose of activity
Logframe - May 2011 (PDF 66kb) Annual report Results, outcomes and outputs
Photographs and Beneficiary Story Budget Annual report
GPAF-IMP-009-Year-1-financial-report Results, outcomes and outputs Annual report
GPAF-IMP-009-logical-framework-Revised-200812 Review of project performance and evaluation Results, outcomes and outputs
GPAF-IMP-009-Year-1-Annual-Progress-Report-30-April-2013 Budget Annual report
SI_DFID_GPAF_Impact_Budget_-_7_Nov_2011 Budget
DFID-Revised-Grant-Agreement-Signed-18March2013 Summary information about contract
DFID-GPAF-IMP-009-SI-Revised-Budget-05-Feb-2013 Budget
GPAF-IMP-009-Year-1-Annual-Progress-Report-30-April-2013 Annual report
GPAF-IMP-009-logical-framework-Revised-200812 Results, outcomes and outputs
Gantt chart - May 2011 (PDF 47kb) Results, outcomes and outputs