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Increasing household income and enhancing livelihood resilience of vulnerable families and youth through beekeeping training and honey market development in Amhara, Ethiopia. [GB-CHC-1078803-GPAFINN-070]

Bees for Development Trust

Disclaimer: The data for this page has been produced from IATI data published by Bees for Development Trust. Please contact them if you have any questions about their data.

The project, seeks to contribute to the reduction of poverty in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The key intended outcome of the project is increased and improved livelihoods resilience for 4410 vulnerable people in Bahir Dar Zuria and Dera Districts of Amhara, Ethiopia. This will be achieved through the following outputs (i) target beekeepers will have improved access to market through enhanced commercial competitiveness of TZ co-op and independent Honey Traders, (ii) target beneficiaries (new beekeepers) have the input, skills and knowledge to practice beekeeping and produce honey and beeswax (iii) government extension services have strengthened capacity to deliver improved apiculture support (iv) small business entrepreneurs have capacity to generate income from the sale of items associated the honey economy.;

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