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Humanitarian Access in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. [GB-GOV-1-300001]

Department for International Development

The programme will fund the Access Coordination Unit and the Materials Monitoring Unit to ensure that humanitarian organisations have access to those in need, and so that the materials needed for reconstruction in Gaza are available. The ACU provides operational support to humanitarian agencies to ensure access permits are issued for personnel and goods, to enable these vital resources to reach the most vulnerable. The Materials Monitoring Unit aims to facilitate timely access of large amounts of construction materials into Gaza so that housing and infrastructure destroyed or damaged during the Gaza conflict in the summer of 2014 can be repaired and rebuilt. The UK seeks to support the rebuilding of Gaza as a humanitarian imperative, to alleviate shelter and basic service needs which were exacerbated by the 2014 conflict, to stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty.

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  • UNOPS - support for Access Cell unit
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