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UK Department for International Development

LINKS – 'Powering Economic Growth in Northern Nigeria'

UK aid from the British people

Project Data Last Updated: 01/11/2019

IATI Identifier: GB-GOV-1-300028


The project will aim to build on previous economic growth programmes, ensuring continuity of successful work streams. However the change will be a focusing of resources in specific geographic areas, under more cross cutting models. This will achieve both a high targeted impact and a strong demonstration effect, delivering large scale job creation, income improvements and inclusive economic growth. Important additionality will include environmental benefits from renewable energy and improved agricultural land and water use planning, as well as easing the tensions that lead to conflict, through creating economic opportunities, especially for women and youth. This geographic focus will be Kaduna and Kano, and the design will be in line with DFID Nigeria’s strategic plan, which is looking to consolidate and intensify DFID focus on a reduced number of northern States. It will incorporate key themes from the wider DFID agriculture and economic growth global strategies.

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