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Avanti SatDRR Call 2

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Project Data Last Updated: 25/09/2019



Kenya is prone to slow-onset natural disasters like droughts, slow-onset natural disasters like droughts and famine, and rapid-onset disasters like floods, land/mudslides and disease outbreaks. Climate change is leading to increases in both the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, whilst population growth, regional unrest and forced population movement drives conflict. The recurrent nature of these disasters in Kenya inherently affects the capacity of communities to recover, which lowers economic output and holds back development year on year. Effective, well-organised and prepared responses help mitigate the effects of disasters. Satellite systems provide a secure, resilient, always-on infrastructure in disaster situations – providing critical tools for emergency communications and situation assessment. Working with Government Agencies and the Red Cross Society in Kenya, Avanti and its partners will undertake a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) development programme, which will use satellite technology to improve Kenyan capacity to effectively plan for and respond to disasters. The project will support the development of Kenyan Agencies and Responders by: • Engaging with Kenyan partners to understand their disaster management priorities, identify solutions and embed capability through policy support, knowledge transfer, specialist training and field exercises. • Building the capacity of Kenyan staff to prepare, deploy and utilise satellite services for DRR. • Provide a pilot platform for local actors to deploy satellite communication and Earth Observation services for DRR. • Enhancing co-ordination, command and control of disaster response at local, regional and national level.


Harnessing satellite services to improve Kenyan capacity for disaster prevention, response and recovery

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