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Zimbabwe Economic Stability and Transformation (ZEST) programme

UK Department for International Development

This programme will support reforms to improve the economic and business environment in Zimbabwe, in order to unlock Zimbabwe’s prosperity potential. This will help reduce poverty in Zimbabwe through putting the country on a pathway to economic development and job creation. It will also benefit the UK through fostering trade and investment links

Project Identifier: GB-1-204694
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 08-03-2018
Total Budget: £5,573,999

Global Security Rapid Analysis

UK Department for International Development

To produce research analysis and best practice guidance that will help to inform global policy on how development programming and policy can have the greatest impact on stability and security overseas.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-1-300358
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 08-02-2017
Total Budget: £4,707,979

Palestinian Security Sector Capability Accountability Sustainability and Inclusivity Programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

UK Department for International Development

Support the development of capable, accountable and self-sustaining security sector through improving oversight and accountability of the Ministry of Interior to govern the security forces with less external support. The intervention will deliver improved financial and human resources management, a more effective security sector complaints handling system, and increased external scrutiny of PASF performance.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-1-300611
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 15-03-2019
Total Budget: £2,520,480

International Policing programme

UK Department for International Development

The Joint International Police Hub will provide fragile and conflict affected states with UK police officers who will provide quality advice and assistance to improve the capability of multilateral organisations on policing. The Joint International Policing Hub (JIPH) will also become the single gateway that coordinates the UK’s international police assistance activity.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-1-300042
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 06-05-2016
Total Budget: £1,542,961

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