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Climate Investment Funds (CIFs)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The $8 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF) accelerates climate action by empowering transformations in clean technology, energy access, climate resilience, and sustainable forests in developing and middle income countries. The CIF’s large-scale, low-cost, long-term financing lowers the risk and cost of climate financing. It tests new business models, builds track records in unproven markets, and boosts investor confidence to unlock additional sources of finance.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0004-CIF
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-05-2009
Budget: £1,155,922,000

Sustainable Infrastructure Programme (SIP) - Latin America 

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

As core part of our Climate Partnerships strategy, SIP is a UK-branded private finance flagship programme in which ICF provides concessional financing for sustainable infrastructure projects. We are currently working with Inter-American Development Bank to focus on priority climate partnership countries in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico & Peru).

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0014-SIPLA
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-11-2017
Budget: £102,000,000

Low Carbon Agriculture for avoided deforestation and poverty reduction - Phase 2

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The programme operates in the Cerrado and Caatinga biomes in Brazil, over the course of four years (2017 - 2021). As a follow-up phase to a similar ICF intervention in Brazil, the programme aims to restore deforested and degraded land on small- and medium-sized farms and will target the barriers experienced by farmers in accessing rural credit.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-7-ICF-PO014-LCP2
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-04-2016
Budget: £30,000,000

Caribbean Economic Development Programme

UK Department for International Development

To support governments in the Caribbean region to strengthen their public financial management systems including tax and customs administration, financial sector surveillance, statistics, government procurement and competitiveness in order to promote private sector development that will build sustainable, competitive and inclusive economies in the region.

Project Identifier: GB-1-205047
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 27-03-2016
Total Budget: £19,999,999

UK Blue Carbon Fund

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs

The Fund will promote the sustainable management, conservation and restoration of mangrove habitats by developing and embedding operational blue carbon markets across the Caribbean and Latin America that provide local communities with a sustainable income and assist in moving low-income countries towards low-emission, climate-resilient development.

Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-12-2018
Budget: £12,750,000

Citizen Security and Justice Programme 3

UK Department for International Development

To deliver targeted interventions aimed at improving safety, security and prosperity to 400,000 people in 50 of the most violent communities in Jamaica, over a five year period (2014-2019). The interventions will: (1) increase economic and employment opportunities; (2) improve access to community justice services and alternative dispute resolution methods; (3) strengthen non-violent conflict resolution skills amongst individuals and groups within communities; and (4) improve the Government of Jamaica’s capacity to deliver essential services to vulnerable communities.

Project Identifier: GB-1-203643
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 30-10-2014
Total Budget: £10,999,998

Climatescope - Clean Energy Investment Index

UK Department for International Development

To increase private investment in renewable energy projects in developing countries by providing investors with comparable and robust policy and market information in an easilyaccesible data tool. Renewable energy is becoming a cheaper solution than fossil fuels in many developing countries and by providing better information to potential investors, Climatescope supports increasing investment in renewable energy in developing countries. This in turn will support economic growth through greater access to sustainable energy and allow businesses to prosper.

Project Identifier: GB-1-204020
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 12-07-2013
Total Budget: £6,965,255

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