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International Development Association 18th Replenishment (IDA 18)

UK Department for International Development

UK contribution to the 18th Replenishment of the World Bank International Development Association (IDA 18)

Project Identifier: GB-1-204085
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 05-12-2017
Total Budget: £3,336,000,000

International Development Association Sixteenth Replenishment (IDA16)

UK Department for International Development

To reduce poverty by enabling the World Bank to provide grants and low-interest loans that enhance economic opportunities and tackle poverty in poor countries.

Project Identifier: GB-1-202969
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 17-11-2011
Total Budget: £2,664,000,000

Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) Debt Relief to World Bank's International Development Association (IDA)

UK Department for International Development

UK contributions to compensate IDA the costs of foregone debt service payments under the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI)

Project Identifier: GB-1-110951
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-06-2006
Total Budget: £1,731,710,000

South Sudan Health Pooled Fund Phase 3

Crown Agents Limited

DFID’s mission is to help eradicate poverty in the world’s poorest countries. The priority objective for DFID's South Sudan department - with the international community - is to support peace, whilst recognising that prospects remain fragile and that even in a best-case scenario, continued protection of and support to the most vulnerable (particularly youth, women and children) will be essential for years to come. The focus of the DFID's South Sudan strategy is on sustaining high levels of humanitarian support and the provision of essential services, whilst looking for and supporting opportunities to embed peace. The UK Department for International Development (DFID) has appointed Crown Agents to effectively manage and deliver the ‘Health Pooled Fund 3 (HPF3)’ programme in South Sudan. HPF3 will effectively merge two current health programmes - Health Pooled Fund 2 (HPF2), which provides healthcare at health facility level, and the Integrated Community Case Management 2 (ICCM2) programme, which provides healthcare to children under-five within more remote communities. DFID South Sudan is initiating a new five year HPF3 programme (2018-2023) which will follow on from HPF2 ending in October 2018 and ICCM2 ending in December 2018. This is a multi-donor programme with existing HPF2 donors (US, Canada and Sweden) expected to continue their support. The programme impact will be an improved health and nutrition status for the population that saves lives and reduces morbidity (including maternal, infant and under-5 mortality).

Project Identifier: GB-COH-03259922-107706
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 16-10-2018
Budget: £445,900,264

UK Aid Direct: A challenge fund designed to support the UK’s commitments to achieving the Global Goals.


Funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), UK Aid Direct was established in 2014 as a successor to the Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF), which was created in 2010. UK Aid Direct is a challenge fund designed to support the UK’s commitments to achieving the Global Goals. The aim of UK Aid Direct is to fund small- and medium-sized national and international civil society organisations (CSOs) to reduce poverty and work towards achieving the Global Goals. Specifically, UK Aid Direct funding reaches the most marginalised and vulnerable populations, supporting the DFID agenda to ‘leave no one behind’. This agenda can be achieved through funding projects that encompass service delivery, economic empowerment, strengthening accountability or generating social change. As a flexible fund, UK Aid Direct is designed to be an adaptive and demand-led fund that responds to DFID priorities of:\n\n- Strengthening global peace, security and governance\n\n- Strengthening resilience and response to crisis\n\n- Promoting global prosperity\n\n- Tackling extreme poverty and helping the world’s most vulnerable\n\n- Delivering value for money

Project Identifier: GB-COH-04105827-AIDDIRECT
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 28-10-2015
Budget: £160,726,957

Cameroun - Programme d’appui au secteur des transports phase 1 : aménagement de la route Batchenga-Ntui-Yoko-Lena

African Development Bank

Les principaux bénéficiaires du projet sont les 4.400.000 habitants de la région du centre et de l’Adamaoua du Cameroun, mais également de façon indirecte, les populations des régions situées dans la partie Ouest du Tchad compte tenu du caractère régional du projet.

Project Identifier: 46002-P-CM-DB0-012
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 28-03-2015
Budget: 13,711,292,100 SDR

IDA-17 (The Seventeenth Replenishment of the International Development Association IDA)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The evolving development landscape is characterized by increased foreign direct investment (FDI) and other private flows strong growth in low- (LIC) and middle-income (MIC) countries and new patterns of trade investment and knowledge exchange among develop ing countries. These trends along with improved economic policies and favorable primary commodity prices contributed to notable advancements by many IDA countries in poverty reduction and other MDGs in the past decade. A continuation of these trends woul d also point to a pathway beyond aid dependency for LICs through increased scope to leverage global finance and knowledge for development and a historic opportunity for IDA countries to shift their development trajectories towards ending extreme poverty wi thin a generation. Against this backdrop the new World Bank Group strategy sets out ambitious goals to reduce extreme poverty to 3 percent by 2030 and to promote shared prosperity in a sustainable manner. To deliver on this agenda the WBG will align its activities and resources to these goals; support clients in delivering development ?solutions? by advancing knowledge of what works; and work as a ?One WBG? by leveraging the strengths of each agency (IBRD IDA IFC and MIGA). IDA will be the main instrumen t for pursuing the WBG goals in the world?s poorest countries ? home to roughly one billion people living on less than US$1.25 per day (about 80 percent of the world?s poor). Deliberate action will be required to sustain economic growth and make it more i nclusive across and within IDA countries as well as to address an evolving range of development challenges including fragility gender equality climate change and disaster risks. In the face of complex challenges and constrained aid budgets these ambitious goals also demand making the best use of scarce resources and enhancing collaboration with development partners. In this context Participants noted that the IDA17 period which spans the target date for the MDGs and the launch of the post-2015 agenda prese nts a unique opportunity to harness the benefits of the changing global economy address evolving risks to secure the gains that have been achieved and accelerate inclusive and sustainable development. They highlighted IDA?s critical role in supporting conc erted and accelerated action and called for an ambitious IDA17 Replenishment to maximize development impact to meet the WBG goals in IDA countries

Project Identifier: FI-3-2020-2013130366
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 16-12-2013
Budget: €132,000,000

Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) 2

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Locations: The WISH2ACTION Consortium operates across Lot 2 countries, specifically: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. The four WISH outputs they are: Output 1 – Community and Individual Choice Output 2 – Sustainability Output 3 – Access to Services Output 4 – Global Goods The combined strengths of WISH2ACTION’s consortium allows for the strong integration of service delivery (Output 3) with social behaviour change activities to generate demand and break down barriers to access (Output 1), and with advocacy and accountability initiatives to strengthen national ownership (Output 2), all of which contribute to generating models, tools and evidence for advancing SRHR (Output 4) in a sustainable way.

Project Identifier: GB-CHC-229476-WISH2ACTION
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 07-09-2018
Budget: £131,999,919

KV.RAH.LAIT/Multilateral Debt Relief Iniative (MDRI) in IDA and AfDF

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative MDRI is based on the proposal of the G8 Summit in July 2005. According to the proposal the International Development Association (IDA) the African Development Fund (ADF) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) wil l cancel in full (100 %) the debts of countries qualified for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries initiative (HIPC) once the countries have reached the HIPC initiative completion point.The object of the MDRI is to grant debt relief to heavily indebted poor countries to secure the stability of their debt levels and to free up resources for poverty alleviation. The MDRI covers 39 HIPC-eligible countries of which 36 have reached the completion point. MDRI and HIPC initiatives have had a significant impact on the participating countries? debt burden and on the headroom in their public finances.The basis for the implementation of the MDRI is that donor countries fully cover to IDA and to ADF the costs incurred from debt relief. The MDRI is a very long term dev elopment commitment. At IDA it will continue until 2044 and at ADF until 2054. Finland has together with other IDA and ADF Members given its support to the implementation of the MDRI and committed to compensating to IDA and ADF the forgone reflows arisin g from cancelled loans. A periodic adjustment to reflect changes in the actual and estimated MDRI cost is made every three years in conjunction with IDA and ADF replenishments. Finland has based on funding approvals in 2006 2008 2011 and 2014 made MDRI com mitments to IDA and ADF reaching until 2026. The current funding approval enables new commitments for years 2017 through 2029.

Project Identifier: FI-3-2020-2007999961
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 18-05-2006
Budget: €111,712,992

Nigeria Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Programme

Palladium International Ltd (UK)

To improve maternal and newborn child health in Northern Nigeria through increased skilled birth attendance, antenatal care attendance, immunisation rates, newborns receiving low-cost, live-saving interventions, and pregnant women and children protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. This will save the lives of 60,000 children, 42,000 newborns and 2,000 pregnant women in the six programme states; and provide 6.3 million high quality MNCH services to women and children of Northern Nigeria. This contributes toward MDG 4 and 5 by reducing maternal and child mortality; improve health system coordination through health sector planning and financing and improve demand for and access to high quality health services by 2019.”

Project Identifier: GB-COH-02394229-NGMH1
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-06-2014
Budget: £83,550,674

IDA-18 (The Eighteenth Replenishment of the International Development Association IDA )

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

As the world's premier fund for the poorest IDA is uniquely positioned to help countries realize the international community's far reaching and ambitious development agenda set for 2030. Deliberate action will be required to sustain economic growth and mak e it more inclusive across and within IDA countries as well as to address an evolving range of development challenges including fragility gender equality climate change and jobs. In the face of complex challenges and constrained aid budgets these ambitiou s goals also demand making the best use of scarce resources and enhancing collaboration with development partners. Main theme in IDA18 replenishment is Toward 2030: Investing in Growth Resilience and Opportunity. Special Themes are designed to spotlight pe rsistent challenges inhibiting development: Climate Resilient Development Gender Equality Fragility Conflict and Violence FCV Economic Transformation and Jobs and Governance + Institution Building.Responding to heightened global ambitions and escalatin g risks IDA18 presents a bold paradigm shift in how it mobilizes finance to support a significant policy package to help IDA clients achieve their development goals. IDA is the largest replenishment in IDA's 56-year history.

Project Identifier: FI-3-2020-2015153328
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 23-11-2016
Budget: €77,700,000

Nepal Local Governance Support Programme

UK Department for International Development

To improve governance and services at the local level in Nepal, benefitting 2 million households. This includes introducing simple anti-corruption measures (e.g. public audits) and providing the poorest and most excluded with tools to build their confidence to voice demands and hold officials to account. Parts of the programme will also ensure that Local Government's awareness and capacity on climate change adaptation, disaster resilience and environmentally friendly governance is improved.

Project Identifier: GB-1-203764
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 10-12-2013
Total Budget: £68,099,996

Somalia Stability Fund II

Adam Smith International

The Stability Fund’s goal is to work towards a peaceful, secure, stable Somalia. To achieve this, the Stability Fund aims to address the security, development and political drivers of conflict in a local area to achieve the following outcomes: i) Legitimate, viable governance structures able to make and enforce rules locally. ii) Existing and emerging conflicts brought to conclusion and risks of future conflicts mitigated.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-2732176-7083
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-11-2016
Budget: £62,698,432

Digital Access Programme

UK Department for International Development

The Prosperity Fund cross-HMG 'Digital Access Programme' is a DFID-led partnership with FCO and DCMS. It aims to catalyse more inclusive, affordable, safe and secure digital access for excluded and underserved communities in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia. Increased digital inclusion in the programme countries will form the basis for more thriving digital ecosystems that generate high-skilled jobs, opportunities for local digital entrepreneurship focused on country-specific development challenges, as well as potential partnerships with international and UK business aimed at mutual prosperity. The Digital Access programme will also focus on learning about sustainable models and enablers for digital inclusion. The learnings will be shared with key stakeholders and other partner countries, thereby amplifying the impact of the programme.

Project Identifier: GB-1-204963
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 16-07-2019
Total Budget: £59,345,873

Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility

Crown Agents Limited

The majority of the project budget focuses on the implementation of humanitarian programmes. This involves supporting and management of implementing partners. Broadly, this can be divided into three sections: ongoing large grants to INGOs; new calls for proposals for INGOS; and new calls for proposals for national NGOs.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-03259922-106106
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 29-08-2016
Budget: £53,549,183

InfraCo Asia Investment Pte Ltd

Private Infrastructure Development Group

InfraCo Asia Investment's objectives are to: (i) address market failures in the supply of capital to early stage infrastructure projects in Eligible Countries which can delay and sometimes prevent financial close of viable infrastructure projects; and to (ii) facilitate the accelerated construction and completion of infrastructure projects that satisfy the criteria as set out in the IAsI Investment Policy and Procedures, by making investments in Projects that provide benefits to the poor, including girls and women, principally at first financial close all in accordance with the provisions of the IAsI Investment Policy and Procedures.

Project Identifier: XM-DAC-47086-InfraCo Asia Investment
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 08-12-2011
Budget: $48,500,000

Delivering Humanitarian Assistance and Building Resilience for Conflict-Affected Populations in the Whole of Syria

International Rescue Committee Inc.

This programme will contribute to DFID’s overarching goal to save lives, protect civilians, reduce suffering and build resilience by working toward the project outcome that conflict affected individuals and institutions in Syria are more resilient to cope with and mitigate the risks of shock. The programme will work across the protection, health and economic wellbeing sectors in southern, northern, and northeast Syria.

Project Identifier: US-EIN-13-5660870-DF168
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-01-2017
Budget: £46,689,431

Multinational - (Burundi-Rwanda) - Projet d’aménagement de routes (Mugina-Mabanda-Nyanza lac et Rubavu-Gisiza) et de facilitation de transport sur le corridor Nord-Sud - Phase III

African Development Bank

Au Burundi, la zone d’influence du projet (ZIP) couvre les Communes de Mabanda et de Nyanza Lac, dans la Province de Makamba. Cette Province abrite une population estimée en 2011 à 483 100 habitants, soit près de 5,3 % de la population totale du Burundi. Au Rwanda, la ZIP est constituée de deux districts (Rubavu et Rutsiro), dans la Province de l’Ouest. Cette province accueille une population de deux (02) millions d’habitants, soit 24 % de la population totale du pays. La population de la zone d’influence directe du projet est estimée en 2010 à 706 000 habitants. La réalisation de ce projet aura un impact certain sur l’amélioration des conditions de vie de populations de la ZIP; notamment par la création d’emplois, la génération des revenus, le désenclavement des zones de production, etc. Ces impacts socio-économiques de la route seront amplifiés par la réalisation des aménagements connexes et des campagnes de sensibilisation.

Project Identifier: 46002-P-Z1-DB0-099
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 27-07-2012
Budget: 4,505,000,000 SDR

Good Governance Fund

Price Waterhouse Cooper

The Good Governance Fund supports a series of governance and economic reform initiatives, aimed at building stability, reducing poverty and increasing prosperity, in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine. The fund will focus on areas such as: anti-corruption; improving the business environment; judicial reform; key sector reforms (e.g. banking and energy); strengthening the rule of law; and supporting an independent media. This project was approved before the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-03580586-5000533034
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 28-09-2015
Budget: £44,903,224

Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia

DAI Europe

PEPE will support private sector development, through improving firms’ access to finance and addressing market and government failures in identified value chains following M4P methodology. PEPE will be implemented through 2 components:1) Access to Finance. The access to finance pillar is expected to achieve the outcome of increasing investment levels in the Ethiopian economy, particularly for growth-oriented SME. 2) Priority Sector. The priority sectors pillar is expected to achieve the outcome of increasing returns on investment (productivity) and investment levels in the identified sectors (live stock and leather, cotton and textile,horticulture). In both pillars, particular priority is given to supporting economic opportunity for women and “greening” growth.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-1858644-202596
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: N/A
Budget: £43,426,273

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