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The Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Facility

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The NAMA Facility is targeted fund set up in 2012 by Germany and the UK to help finance measures that tackle and shift challenging sectors within a country’s climate mitigation action plans. Projects in these plans (their Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions Plans) funded by the NAMA Facility offer good potential for replication and are important building blocks towards implementing ambitious NDCs. The NAMA Facility is unique within the ICF for its open access competitive structure and projects are wide ranging in terms type (energy efficiency, transport, agriculture, renewables, waste) and geography (Asia, Africa and South and Central America) and noticeable for high level of country support.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0007-NAMA
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-12-2012
Budget: £219,200,000

REDD Early Movers programme (REM)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The REDD Early Movers Programme is a global programme designed to reward pioneers in forest conservation and climate protection, providing conditional payments to countries or regions upon verified emission reductions from deforestation.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0019-REM
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-09-2015
Budget: £73,199,000

Somalia Stability Fund II

Adam Smith International

The Stability Fund’s goal is to work towards a peaceful, secure, stable Somalia. To achieve this, the Stability Fund aims to address the security, development and political drivers of conflict in a local area to achieve the following outcomes: i) Legitimate, viable governance structures able to make and enforce rules locally. ii) Existing and emerging conflicts brought to conclusion and risks of future conflicts mitigated.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-2732176-7083
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-11-2016
Budget: £62,698,432

East Africa Geothermal Energy (EA-Geo)

UK Department for International Development

The programme aims to increase investment in geothermal energy in East Africa, contributing to economic development and growth, by addressing market failures which hinder the very early stages of geothermal market development, including: • reducing the risk of exploratory test drilling, leading to increased investor confidence in under exploited East Africa geothermal energy; and, • improving geothermal strategy, policy and regulations that facilitate investment.

Project Identifier: GB-1-203153
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 10-02-2014
Total Budget: £31,079,341

On and off Grid Small Scale Renewable Energy in Uganda

UK Department for International Development

To improve the environment for private investment in Uganda’s renewable energy sector by accelerating the market for off grid solar energy and supporting the construction of at least 17 on-grid small scale power plants. This will increase Uganda’s energy production by approximately 20%, improve access to clean and modern energy for over 200,000 households and businesses or 1.2m people; mobilise up to £240 million in private finance and stabilise Uganda’s power sector finances by saving approximately $260m to 2.7bn during the period 2013-35, and lead to greenhouse gas emission savings of between 1 and 10 MtCO2e.

Project Identifier: GB-1-203624
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 15-03-2013
Total Budget: £27,499,997

Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariff (GETFiT)

UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Supports small-scale on-grid renewable energy projects in Uganda in an effort to both avoid an energy shortfall and promote private sector investment. Aims to demonstrate to developing countries that an effective regulatory regime and cost-reflective tariffs will bring in investment in renewables.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-13-ICF-0009-GETFiT
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 01-03-2013
Budget: £25,800,000

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