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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene results programme to support scale-up efforts

UK Department for International Development

To support poor people to access improved water and sanitation, and to introduce improved hygiene practices, to support the UK Government's targets of reaching 60 million people with improved water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives, in line with millennium development goal 7c by 2015.

Project Identifier: GB-1-203572
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 14-08-2013
Total Budget: £112,481,108

Supporting the Transformation of Rural WASH Service Delivery in Mozambique

UK Department for International Development

To contribute for sustained increase in effective demand, supply and use of WASH services for the rural poor in Mozambique

Project Identifier: GB-1-204856
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 04-01-2016
Total Budget: £39,406,990

Accountability in Tanzania Programme (AcT2)

KPMG East Africa

Accountability in Tanzania Phase Two (AcT2) Programme is a five year £38m, innovative and exciting programme whose purpose is to increase the responsiveness and accountability of Government in Tanzania, through a strengthened civil society. AcT2 seeks to support civil society organisations (CSOs) to implement context-specific strategic interventions that will enable them to influence positive change in the attitudes and behaviour of citizens, civil society and government, making government as a whole more responsive and accountable. The second phase started in February 2018 and will end in December 2022. The programme funds mid-to-large sized Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and is managed by KPMG Advisory Limited in Tanzania. The programme works with CSO partners supporting Tanzanian citizens to engage with and hold their government to account. This is crucial to fostering a well-functioning state that acts in the best interests of its people - in tackling corruption, efficient spending of public resources and delivering effective public services. The Tanzanian President has made anti-corruption his top priority. AcT2 partners seeks to deploy different tools and resources to equip citizens to challenge corruption rather than accept it. AcT2 programme underlines the need to bolster groups that can continue to champion pluralism, articulate the demands of citizens, and engage in constructive debate and negotiation with government. As an integrated and cohesive civil society offer, AcT2 enables DFID to deliver greater impact from our wider portfolio priorities in human development and sustainable growth teams and promoting democratic space. It will do this through focusing on governance blockages in these areas, with a focus on promoting accountability and social inclusion, especially focusing on gender, disability and youth/elderly groups. The programme has ambition to deploy different innovative approaches including policy research, advocacy, dialogue, experimentation, and brokering, and it will work with civil society, private sector actors, elected officials and faith-based groups. The four thematic priorities for the programme includes: • Civic Space (sector policy dialogues, media, voice, CS advocacy, human rights) • Social Inclusion (disability, women, girls and youth/elderly) • Anti-Corruption • Climate Change

Project Identifier: TZ-BRLA-36057-AcT2Programme
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 30-11-2015
Budget: £37,993,141

Tackling Maternal and Child Undernutrition Programme- Phase II

UK Department for International Development

To contribute towards improved health and nutrition status for children under two years measured primarily by a reduction in stunting by 2023.

Project Identifier: GB-1-203551
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 10-12-2012
Total Budget: £31,049,996

BRILHO - Energy Africa Mozambique

UK Department for International Development

To increase domestic and business energy access through private sector innovation and investment, and government support, through supply of dispersed off-grid energy solutions and improved cook stoves.

Project Identifier: GB-1-204837
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 09-09-2016
Total Budget: £23,656,993

Green Economic Growth Programme (GEGP) in Papua Provinces in Indonesia

LTS International Limited

The Green Economic Growth Programme for Papua Provinces (GEG) is providing technical support for small and medium enterprises (SME) development from the bottom-up, while increasing the confidence to go-into-business. The Programme aims to increase the confidence of local authorities to manage local economic development and attract investors to rural and urban regions of Papua Provinces. The programme will identify and support a portfolio of SMEs that will serve as an inspiration for a green investment strategy to both provinces in Papua. The success of selected small holder farmers (SHFs) and SMEs should catalyse more green investment by leveraging successful interventions to crowd-in public and private finance to potential green enterprises in both provinces. The programme will address five critical issues preventing Papuan SHFs and SMEs from developing sustainable agribusiness enterprises and viable small businesses: • weak capacity (low levels of education, lack of knowledge and basic business skills) of SHFs and SMEs; • Papuan SHFs and SMEs in remote rural locations struggle to produce commercially viable volumes of commodities and have very limited access to markets; • most Papuan SMEs have difficulty accessing commercially viable amounts of credit and face high entry barriers; • a lack of coordination and synergy among key government agencies and donors that are supposed to support Papuan SHFs and SMEs; • the high cost of official licensing and permits required to do business, and the unofficial costs associated with local rent seeking. The programme delivery has been structured around 5 technical work streams: • Market Systems; • Socio-Economics and Gender; • Farming and Production Systems; • Credit and Finance; • Business Incubator and Investor Engagement.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-SC100833-L17-19
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 26-09-2017
Budget: £10,373,701

Rwanda Multi-Donor Civil Society Support Programme

Palladium International Ltd (UK)

Strengthened civil society engagement on critical social cohesion, reconciliation and governance issues in Rwanda. DFID will provide funding and technical support to Rwandan civil society organisations to support the design and implementation of governance and reconciliation focused initiatives, and to support more effective engagement (influencing) with government on these issues.

Project Identifier: GB-COH-02394229-RMDCSSP
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 26-05-2015
Budget: £9,693,848

Income and Employment for Women and Youth in the Dairy Sector in North-east Tanzania

Charity Projects Ltd (Comic Relief)

Dairy production in and around Arusha, Tanzania, has good potential, and demand is growing especially for high value butter, cheese and fruit yoghurt. There are twenty womens' dairy groups with nearly 2,000 members that are in a strong position to benefit from this potential. This project will help them to organise themsleves, brand and distribute their products, collect and process milk regularly, upgrade their factory and work together to be more efficient.

Project Identifier: GB-CHC-326568-1360861
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: N/A
Budget: £1,875,259

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