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Global Mine Action Programme [GB-1-203243]

Budget: £38,550,082 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

Long after a conflict finishes, landmines and ERW continue to devastate people’s lives. Around the world today, millions of people live alongside land littered by landmines, grenades, rockets and ammunition. This is a major threat to the physical safety of communities. In 2011, it was estimated that more than 4,000 people were killed or injured by landmines and ERW. The threat that landmines and ERW pose to development is even more far-reaching. Millions of people are prevented from using agricultural land and accessing essential services, such as health and education, because of landmine and ERW contamination. Their presence hampers freedom of movement, prevents the safe and voluntary return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees and obstructs the delivery of humanitarian aid. The goal of our mine action work is to build peace and security and support development in countries affected by landmines and ERW.

Demining in North East Syria [GB-GOV-1-300480]

Budget: £825,000 Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

This project will deliver the removal of landmines and hazardous unexploded ordnances from villages, agricultural land, and vital infrastructure in North East Syria. In doing so it will aim to make the region safer for returnees and open up channels of humanitarian access behind conflict lines.

Support to demining (Phase 2) [GB-1-203748]

Budget: Not Provided Status: Implementation Reporting Org: Department for International Development

To increase economic growth and reduce poverty in Afghanistan, by demining up to 4.3square kms of arable and up to 14square km of grazing land. This will make the entire province of Herat clear of mines by 2018, benefitting up to 71,500 people by securing their safety of and increasing their livelihood opportunities.

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