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Follow how the UK invests in developing countries

UK aid from the British people


Top 5 places we work More information about the top 5 places we work
  1. Pakistan Budget£340.63m
  2. Nigeria Budget£244.27m
  3. Ethiopia Budget£243.45m
  4. Sierra Leone Budget£231.07m
  5. Syria Budget£197.88m

Project budgets for each country [FY15/16]

Top 5 things we do More Information about the top 5 things we do
  1. Health £1146.4m
  2. Disaster £1134.1m
  3. Education £558.4m
  4. Multisector £453.5m
  5. Finance £428.8m

Project budgets for each sector [FY15/16]

Top 5 things we achieve More information about the top 5 places we work
  1. People reached with one or more water, sanitation or hygiene promotion intervention Achieved62,960,000
  2. Children immunised against preventable disease through support to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) Achieved43,820,000
  3. Children under 5, pregnant and breastfeeding women reached through DFID’s nutrition programmes Achieved28,560,000
  4. Children supported in primary and lower secondary education Achieved11,080,000
  5. Women using modern methods of family planning Achieved9,330,000

Results achieved (up to 2014/15 inclusive) from DFID Annual Report 2014-15 Results