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Country FlagKyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan is the second poorest country in central Asia with gross national income (GNI) per capita of $88. An estimated 32% of the population live below the national poverty line. The economic base is narrow, fragile and dependent on remittances (which represent 25% of GDP), trade and transit.

Social indicators are poor, especially in the south. Progress towards MDGs has been mixed: health targets, including on child mortality, maternal health and HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases are unlikely to be met in 2015. Although making progress as a parliamentary democracy, Kyrgyzstan remains politically as well as economically fragile.

Further resources

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Key Info

  • Total Project Budget for 2014/2015 More information about the total project budget £5,219,792
  • % of DFID budget 0.07%
  • Active Projects 10
  • Population (source: UN): 5.33 million
  • % living below $1.25 per day (source: World Bank): 5.03%
  • Fertility rate (source: UN): 2.78
  • GDP growth rate (source: World Bank): -0.9%
Sector groups as a percentage of country budget More information about the sector groups
  • Government
  • Health
  • Water
  • Social
  • Multisector
  • Other
Project budget total by year More information about project funding