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The DFID country office in Cameroon closed in 2004 with the bilateral country office commitments ending in Financial Year 2011/12. Since then Cameroon has been included in regional programmes to address humanitarian needs in the far north of the country as a result of the Lake Chad Basin crisis and to assist refugees from the Central African Republic in the east. It also benefits from a regional forests and livelihoods programme: forests cover nearly 40% of Cameroon’s land and Cameroon is part of the Congo Basin forest ecosystem, the world’s second largest contiguous block of tropical forest on the planet.

We remain committed to providing support to Cameroon through our multilateral contributions, including significant funding from the World Bank, African Development Bank, European Commission, Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunisation and other multilateral programmes.

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2015, source World Bank

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2014, source World Bank

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2015, source World Bank

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