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Nigeria is home to 160 million people, but more than 100 million live on less than £1 per day. A stable, better governed and prosperous Nigeria would rapidly reduce poverty. It would also hugely benefit UK trade, energy and security interests, and help reduce crime and illegal migration. 2013–14 has seen a worsening of the security situation for many Nigerians, both in terms of terrorist activity and state response and rising intercommunal tensions.

Top priorities

  • providing more people with better services, including education, healthcare and access to safe water and sanitation
  • helping Nigeria use its oil revenues to improve the lives of its citizens
  • help establish an enabling governance environment for tackling corruption and enhancing transparency and accountability

Further resources

DFID Operational Plan for Nigeria
Nigeria page on GOV.UK website

Key Info

  • Project budget approved for 2017/2018 More information about the total project budget £283,111,704
  • Project budget as % of DFID budget More information about the total project budget 3.93%
  • Active Projects 38
  • Population (2015, source World Bank): 182.2 million
  • % living below $1.90 per day (2009, source World Bank): 53.47%
  • Fertility rate (2014, source World Bank): 5.65
  • GDP growth rate (2015, source World Bank): 2.65%
Sector groups as a percentage of country budget More information about the sector groups
Project budget total by year More information about project funding
Budgets approved at a project level to date. This may be different from the overall operational plan budget for Nigeria.