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Yemen is one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world. The United Nations estimates that 20.7 million people - 76% of the population - are in need of humanitarian assistance, with over 9.8 million in need of immediate help to save or sustain life. The current cholera outbreak is the largest ever recorded in a single year and 6.8 million people are facing extreme food shortages.

Even before the current crisis Yemen was the poorest country in the Middle East, and faces a range of deep-seated development challenges including high levels of poverty, food insecurity, high population growth, a weak economy and poor service provision.

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Children under five and pregnant women reached through DFID's nutrition-relevant programmes

2011/12 - 2015/16 , Source


Children supported by DFID in primary and lower secondary education

2011/12 - 2015/16 , Source


Unique people reached with one or more water, sanitation or hygiene promotion intervention

2011/12 - 2015/16 , Source


Sectors groups as a percentage of country budgets according to the Development Assistance Committee's classifications.


Project budget total by year approved at the project level to date.